In Elrich International we blend craftsmanship and innovation. The workforce is composed by expert artisans that strong of many years of tradition are supported by the latest machinery to offer state of art products while minimising defects.

Our quality control department and integrated production infrastructures are some of the many steps taken to put quality at the centre of what we do.

From the beginning of the manufacturing process, we have full control over the quality of our products. Each and every piece is produced using leathers that are developed internally in our own tanneries. This way, we use only the materials that we know to be most resistant and performing.

Accuracy and precision on deliveries also benefits since a more extensive control allows us to predict and timely correct bottlenecks and setbacks

The client satisfaction is the core of our credo. We work in close collaboration with our clients since 25 years in order to fully understand and anticipate their needs.

We also provide several supporting services to create offers that are tailored to our clients’ needs. From packaging to labelling, from pricing to branding, we take care of the details and let our clients focus on their core business.


To make all these possible, Elrich International counts on a strong workforce of more than 300 highly trained workers that are able to realise yearly more than 2 million safety gloves. Our production, Quality Control and Packaging departments work all together to streamline the process and get us as close as possible to the final goal: our client satisfaction. 

We export our products in more than 40 countries in the world, especially in Europe. We collaborate with most of our clients since many years creating synergies that lead to reciprocal growth and constant innovation.


With Elrich International you will have assurance of quality products, fairness in dealings and timely deliveries.

To be the partner-of-choice for creating quality and manufacturing services

Shahid Akhtar, Founder/Managing Director, on the vision of the company